Process automation
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Innovative software and cutting-edge technology.

"Rovinalti Automation" is a team of expert technicians able to realize the automation of the single machine or of the complete process according to your needs. Thanks to the use of innovative electromechanical and automation components and to portable workstations with specific software, the "Rovinalti Automation" technician is able to realize even complex automations and to program the operation of machines and plants in order to adapt their parameters to your specific needs.

In the most advanced automations, it is possible to always have the production process under control thanks to remote control. The qualified operator can connect through the use of a computer, a tablet or a smartphone with the machine or the plant to control or change the operating parameters, view through the traceability of the entire production process, as well as manage any warnings.

Solutions for food product and process automationDesign and development of software for the food industry

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