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Rovinalti's activity is the design and construction of machines, equipment and plants for dairy processing and therefore most of the work is carried out with various types of stainless steel, particularly suitable for use in food environments.

The production is carried out in different phases, from the design carried out inside the Technical office, to the carpentry works, to which is added the assembly of electrical parts for the automation of our plants and machineries, which, at this point, are ready for the delivery. Rovinalti, by means of specialized personnel, follows also the after-sale maintenance, both at customers’ and at its own plant.


All production is carried out in strict compliance with current safety and hygiene standards. At the time of delivery to the customer, the machines and equipment are accompanied by a use and maintenance booklet, complete with all the necessary certifications according to the “Machinery Directive”. The plants are complete, besides the use and maintenance booklet, also of a certification according to the “PED Directive”. All this is taken care of by the company itself, within its technical department.


The market on which Rovinalti’s activity is based on the dairy industry, for the production of dairy products in general, but in particular, for the production of Parmigiano-Reggiano, Grana Padano and Trentingrana, and it is for this reason that the sales network is mainly extended to Central – Northern Italy.

We work for and with our customers, providing them with cutting-edge solutions while respecting the traditional processing of Parmigiano-Reggiano, believing in the regulations and therefore respecting the principles of environmental protection, quality and safety, thus pursuing a sustainable type of development.

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