In the process that leads from milk to cheese and its maturation, each step must be
taken care of with the utmost care. These are a delicate production chain, which requires experience, dedication and love.
All of us at Rovinalti care about the customer satisfaction and the quality of its product: it's the "white thinking" philosophy,
the guidance of those who have worked for fifty years for the dairy industry.
Rovinalti is an Italian company that produces equipment, machinery and plants for the dairy industry. The range of products includes machines and plants for the transport, storage, processing of milk and its derivatives, plants for drying, salting and maturing cheese and plants for pig breeding. The entire production is designed, built, assembled and tested within the company itself. The plant is located in Pavullo nel Frignano in the Modena Apennines, in the industrial area of S.Antonio and occupies an area of 5,800 m², of which 1,600 m² are covered.

Tailor made

With the reliability that comes from experience, we design in detail systems and layouts of dairy industries, respecting tradition but projected into the future.

It's spelled Rovinalti, it's read guarantee.

Industry 4.0

Being faithful to tradition allows us to work always for the genuine quality of the products, without renouncing to innovate. Enterprise 4.0 is a challenge for us too, it is our way of adapting new technologies to the needs of

D.O.P. cheese factories.

To preserve the ancient taste, without losing step with the times.


"Ecotech Rovinalti" is the philosophy of Rovinalti production, designed and built following the principles of "green technology". With the new "Ecotech" branded products, we rely on environmentally friendly and completely eco-sustainable technologies.
Not only in the manufacture of machines for the dairy industry, but also in the recycling of the construction material used.

The "Ecotech Rovinalti" logo distinguishes a series of new products that are more efficient, more ecological, but still extraordinarily powerful.

Our history

Rovinalti was founded in 1971 by the brothers Venanzio, Giancarlo and Giuseppe and over time has always remained firmly in the hands of the family, now in its second generation.

Fifty years is a time that, looking back, seems almost infinite.

It is difficult to describe the emotion that one feels at the birth of a new dairy. There is passion, there is tradition, there is the desire to carry on an experience of taste that unites us all.

We are happy to embrace day after day the challenge of designing and supplying performing systems, at the service of a sector that represents the excellence of Made in Italy.

We started by manufacturing rugged machines. Since 1971 we have made them qualitatively superior, innovative, automated and sustainable.

Our history brings all this together, together with the awareness of always offering a complete service, and the desire to always be at our customers' side as true partners in the production of excellent dairy products.

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